The Best Thing About Trial...


It’s not the binders! Rather, it’s knowing you can tell your story with ease and feel confident that your audience sees what you intend to show! With cloud technology available today, it’s easy to share .pdf files of digital exhibits and quickly put the important content up on the screen, if you know what you’re doing. Let the other side fumble with the binders. We’ve got you covered, and the jury will notice your smooth handling of the exhibits. Your case is too important to rely on binders alone. Choose RAZOR LEGAL. Together, we can get it done!

On Screen, With Ease...


JPEG files, and any other image file you've got. Let's make it an exhibit, or part of a collage.
Zoom in or circle areas of interest.


PDF files. WORD docs. Scanned contracts.
Spreadsheets, bring it on. Present evidence on screen, with the ability to highlight text on-the-fly.


You've got that pile of paper memorized.
Now it's a matter of telling the story
chapter by chapter.

The RAZOR LEGAL know-how
helps the themes emerge.