We Prepare Two Types of Witness Videos...

Clips for impeachment during cross examination are the most common type of witness video. We might prepare dozens of short clips with one or two Q&A sequences. This preparation pays off big when a witness decides to fight on the stand in trial. After watching a clip of themself on multiple screens in the courtroom, they begin to anticipate that you have a clip for every topic!

Days leading up to examining the witness, we will take your list of designations from the transcript and create a clip report for your review. This clip report will show how long each clip runs. Useful indeed!!

A long-playing clip, designed to mimick a direct examination is the second common type of witness video. When a witness is unable to attend trial, you can rely on the portions of the video from the deposition as a substitute. Or, perhaps the depo was so strong that you may decide not to call that witness live and simply use the video in your case in chief.

This process involves a more collaborative approach. Each party gets to contribute a set of designations from the transcript and we edit one single clip that contains each set seamlessly. We expect that attorneys from both sides meet and confer to resolve any remaining objections. Otherwise, the court decides and we do a quick edit to adjust the final version according to any rulings.

The RAZOR LEGAL know-how
gives you confidence about your
video clips.

Deposition video playback is one of the most powerful tools available. It can really put a hostile witness in the hot seat! RAZOR LEGAL can help with all aspects of preparing your set of deposition videos.

Full service includes the management of all the transcript and video data, quality checking the synchronization, clip cutting and final presentation in court.